Some questions we get asked on a regular basis.

Q. Will you play song requests from our guests?

A. Yes, but please understand that some songs will not be played if the presenter feels it is incorrect for the type of environment and the type of event – for example we wouldn’t play “Rage Against The Machine” song at your Grandfathers 80th birthday. The DJ is the one who will know what songs will work & what time it would be most appropriate to play them. The DJ is governed by his dance floor. If the DJ feels other people won’t like or wouldn’t perhaps dance to the song you have chosen it will either be played at a more appropriate time or not at all. We have to use our judgement to be able play to a crowd as whole & not just individual guests.

Q. When do we pay?

A. Payment is required in the form of cash to be handed to the DJ or a member of the event team at the Start of the show. We do not work on a “buy now pay later” basis under any circumstances. Receipts & invoices can be supplied on request.

Q. I’d like you to go on a bit longer than we booked you for… what do we have to do?

A. So long as the venue operators don’t mind and will allow it, then this is usually not a problem. Please take into account bars & venues have liquor & entertainment licences with strict guidelines to work to. If there is no problem, then just let the presenter or one of the event team know towards the end of the event. Overtime will be charged at a fixed rate per half hour. This does not include additional cost of room hire for the venue operators. Please understand if the venue is found to be in breach of licensing laws then we are not held responsible for their actions.

Q. How long does it take to set-up and when do you need access to the building?

A. Set-up takes about 1 hour, but this depends on the type of the event, the access to the building and other factors, such as if there is more than one act on at the event. So we ask for access at least 1 hour before the start of the event or before your guests arrive. Extra time is sometimes needed for equipment & safety checks.
Please understand if you have a band or another artist as well as ourselves they will usually pack up & leave before a disco does, so ideally we would like to be the first to set up as we are the last to leave.
Q. How much do you normally charge?
A. This depends on several factors. The date & time, the venue location, the amount of equipment we need to use, how many guests are expected, if Karaoke is also required and transport costs.

Q How many “watts” is your sound system?

A. Sadly this is something the Hi-Fi world needs to get to grips with. People always seem to think bigger or more watts = louder, this is not the case. Watts just means the sound will carry more clarity over a greater distance which isn’t particularly needed in an enclosed space. We make sure our system is of a high quality to start with. For a pub or hotel room the number of “watts” is usually unimportant once you run over 200 watts as the clarity will be there all the time if the equipment is set up right, if you are holding the event outdoors only then does it make any difference.

Q. I’ve never arranged a party before… what would you suggest is best & what advice could you give me?

If you haven’t got far with your planning yet, here are some basics pointers:
If it is a small party, a village hall or community centre may be better option than a pub. You also have to remember children are not allowed in many pubs, so check when you book if kids are allowed, especially if you are planning to invite families. Most pubs with separate function rooms will allow children. Some pubs do offer free room hire but check on this as sometimes the catch is that they supply the buffet. If you are local to us, we can offer you a few suggestions.
For an evening event you need to plan it so that all the food and possibly speeches are out of the way by 10.30pm at the very latest. This will give you a balance of a quiet time to chat with old friends before and during the meal/buffet with plenty of time left to dance. If possible, also make sure that your venue has access for entertainment prior to the invited guests arriving. There is nothing more unprofessional than having the entertainment staff carrying in equipment while your guests are arriving.